Sunday, March 23, 2008

Second Pub crawl...

Can't believe that 17/3/2008 is officially my last lecture in Strathcylde!!! That mean the only thing left before graduation is the final exam. I really can't believe that. I still can remember the first lecture I had here in scotland and I'm complaining when can I finish my final year and get my ass back to Malaysia.... n now, the day of return is getting closer.... another 4 months!!!! Then I'll be back in Malaysia!!! I'm feel excited about that but at the same time I do feel a bit sad cause finally I kinda get to adapt to the life here and get to know some new frens and yet I'm going home soon..... but never mind!!! life is full of unexpectancies and I'm looking forward for happy things to happen... Hehehehe...

Let come back to the main thing : My second pub crawl!!! wowow!!! I'm super excited about that cause its an invitation from Breda!!! Although others think what's a big deal but her invitation do mean a lot to me that finally I dun need to ask other permission to go for party and get invited!!! A lot of other of my batchmates also going!!! i think everyone is as stress as me regarding their assignment writing up!!! So, I'm definately going to have funzzzz...

We first took a tube to Hillhead to head off to Nude to meet Breda they all!! I was telling Joanne in the tube that this is the first time I'm taking a tube to clubbing and not by car. It's a fresh experience to me... hehehe... dressed up with full make-up on and sitting in a tube.... kinda new to me... Then, we chilled at Nude before we head off to Viper!!! Here is some pics from Phuey Fern's camera..

Everyone thought herself is super model......
Tyring to act sexy with Joanne!!! with Fionna down there dun know doing what...
R we trying to lick each other??? ewwww.....
Look at Joanne face!!! it super red... n the night is still young...

Hahaha.... both of us r super poser....
Michael, Breda, Fionna and Phuey Fern!!! Nice smile!!!
Lovely Breda with me!!! i think its a cute pic though..
Joanne, me, Dom and his Guinness

I have no idea wwho's hand is that n what is it aiming at....

After we had a double shot of Tequila + double shot of Whisky + single shot of Sambuka + a glass of Cosmopolitan!!!

Sound like we drink a lot but still below our limit yet!!! so what's next??? Next is let move our ass to Viper!!! yup, we took a taxi there and i think people who know me well will know that i'll keep drinking to make myself high. I know its my problem here, I must drink till a bit tipsy then I can have funzzz... so in the club I drank another:---

one double shot of Tequila + 2 double shot of Vodka + a double shot of Whisky.......

Then....... Oppzzz.. I did it again!!! (what did I do in da club, I'm not going to tell u here, but ppl who knew who I am, kinda can guess what had happened...)

But, anyway I just want to thanks ppl who took care of me that night!! I know its kinda shock and I really dun feel like letting my batchmates see me when I'm drunk... but things had happened.. Than ks for taking care of me and i did enjoy myself that night very much!!!

P.S. Just would like to put a shoutout that ppl who dun know me can u pls shut ur F*cking mouth up and stop judging me cause its super annoying... I'm proud of myself and happy bt what I did. :+P

As u can see, they r really having funzz...
All the hottie in da house.
crazy pic, as u can see I'm not inside cause hehe.....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Versatility of My face!!!

When you are boring but feeling hyper, what will you do?????
Mmmm... like me... as usual "自拍" lo...
Let me show you how versatile can my face be...
can be cute, funny, ugly and... (see it with urself!!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I got in BOXING DAY!!

Since I'm not able to date "Grandpa Zhou"'s son tonight in my dream, so I decide to update my blog again for some old stuff... hehe.. Ok!! I have chosen BOXING DAY!! The story begin with "a lot of people" here told little joey that BOXING DAY is a heaven for people who love shopping... Because, according to "a lot of people" that things will be super duper cheap!!! Wow... "CHEAP" little joey love this word which mean that she can buy a lot of stuff that she like. Plus according to "a lot of people" that there is a need to queue up early in order to get into the shop... Walao er... that mean it should be super cheap... So little joey n Kah Yee went queing outside a shop (River Island) which will be opened at 7am at 6am...(quite surprise that the shop in scotland actually open so early at boxing day, looking at the usual early closing time compared in Asian country) imagine... at winter... which is freakin cold plus little joey who super afraid of cold, she really looking for some sales that will pay off what she is suffering at that early morning.... But as usually, things will normally wouldn't be as great as we wish... so little joey endup running up and down of Buchanan and Argyle street in order to visit all the shop she was interested in. The worst thing is that most of the shops little joey interested in were all opened at different time and the shops were not in a enclosed shopping centre. Its along a street which is outdoor n again super cold. Thats not the part that made me sad, the worst thing ever was that after you have suffered from coldness and running up and down, thew sales on BOXING DAY weren't as "CHEAP" as "a lot of people" said. Another funny thing happened is that imagine you are going to buy or trying on something, the fire alarm just burst ringing and you need to drop all the things and run out of the shop. It happened to little joey twice in BOXING DAY... super hilarious... Ok... although the sales didn't worth what little joey had suffered at that day, but she still able to buy some stuff which she like at resonably cheap price... So, at the end of the day, little joey did bought quite a number of stuff but she also learn a lesson that don't simply believe what "a lot of people" said...

My BOXING outfitssss...

Maybe I don't know u deep enough...But.. Its OK now...

I don't know why I can't sleep tonight. Maybe I know the reason but it just hard for me to accept the truth. There are a lot of sweet memories of us spending time together and we did accompany each other during hard times. I thought I did found another soulmate! How lucky am I in this world that i can have more than one soulmate? But when I came here, reality strike me. I don't know that whether a person's personality can just change without a notice or actually I don't know you deep enough??
A lot of questions are running in my head... They way I have been treated for this few months really bother me... but in another way i did grow up and learn a new lesson from these. I learn to not to blame myself for what had happened and the important thing is that i also learn not to blame anyone for what had happened. I learn to believe that all things come to pass with a meaning... and this time I understand what it mean... it hard to explain through words... but i really understand.
It is an opportunity for me to stand up by myself and its time for me to be myself. I'm tire of living under other's shadow. I know this would be hard for me, but I'm no longer a baby. I know I'll keep falling through out the process still I believe that i will achieve what i deserve one day. I used to cry and hated you so much for what you have made me feel... Now, what I wanted to say to you is thank you. Thanks for having me as your fren in your life... Thanks for sharing all the meaningful moment with me... and thank for letting me become a more mature adult now aday.
I appreciate the freindship we had... I really don't know why we come to an end like this... But if thats the only way can be at this moment, i'll accept it and I wish you all the best. I'll be looking forward for a brighter time to come in life. "FighTing!! JoeY!!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008


严格来说我的毕业典礼并不是真的代表我正式的毕业了, 只是第一阶段的结束而已!
我还记得当天我睡过头了, 差一点儿赶不上典礼! Walau er.. 我一路飙车到达会场.
还好最后赶上了. 真是捏一把冷汗!
在有限的时间做的打扮, 辛好还不错!!

在rehersal的时间里, 当然少不了拍照section啦... 嘻嘻... 以下就是一些对我来说是看起来几严肃的照片:

Pharmacy 美女们: Li Ping, Yan Nee, Shirlyn, Jin Werne, Me n Jing Meng.

Joyce, Me, Su-Ann n Su yi.

我觉的我们穿上毕业服后看起来真象Harry Potter里面的学生, 只差没有magic wand而已...嘻嘻...

More Pharmacy靓女:Su-Ann, Me, Su Lin, Su Yi, Jin Werne, How How n Joyce.

Me, Jin Werne, Siew Ann n Wei Meng.
Finally the convo is over, we all have漂亮的花束!!

Jin Werne n Me!!
我的pretty pic被后面的不速之客破坏了...just ignore him吧...

我觉得整场典礼我觉得最有意义及感动的就是我dearest父母亲的出席. 当他们将花束交到我手上, 给我一个拥抱及最后他们告诉我:"we are so proud of you.!" 那一刻, 虽然幼稚, 但我的眼眶真的充满泪水, 心口热热的... 但我没有让眼泪流下来, 因为太pai sei啦. 但我真的觉得有他们这一句话, 我多辛苦也值得!我爱你们!! you are the reason im here!!

我觉的我的父母真的是一对可爱的活宝. 这些都是他们拍照的可爱模样!! 我妈咪还穿上我的毕业典礼服...嘻嘻...

P.S: Recapture the Pieces, our pharmacy P105 convo magazine!! A super excellence works from the convo mag committee!! Thanks for producing such a nice n memorable pieces of our time in IMU!!
My Lovely Convo mag n Me!!
"Recapture the Pieces"

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Oh my God!! 时间过得这么快, 一月已经过去半个月了... 我还没有过新年的感觉. 大慨是因为人在异乡而家人都不在身边吧! 我 set up 这个 blog 已经差不多半年多一点, 但我才 post 了 两篇文章而已. 这大慨可以归究于我无可救药的惰性及我的英文程度还不能让我畅快的表达我想要写的东西吧. 经过一番寺前想后, 我决定还是用回我最熟悉的语言=华语, then 掺杂一点英文. 哈哈哈, 我知道会 a bit weird, 但我也没办法. 但我觉得这样才能突显我特别的character. 反正我平常说话也掺杂着广东, 华文, 客家, 马来文及英文... 嘻嘻... 好吧! 就这样决定吧! 就只好对不起不会看华语的朋友咯... 希望我亲爱的朋友们能时常来visit一下我的blog!! 我会尽量抽空update的啦!! 下一篇见吧!! tata!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Dark Side...

No matter how nice or innocent a person is, there is a dark side of him or her deep down in the heart. A dark site that always try to find their way to conquer the main character that occupy the body. It uses the dirty tricks to pull the main character down. What's the dirty tricks????
  • low self-esteem
  • feeling of hatred
  • jealousy
  • greedy
  • Anger
  • Desire
  • Fear
  • Anxious
  • Sensitive
Whenever the main character feel lost or sadness, the dark side will try it best to pour all these emotional into the person. It wanted to kick the main character's ass off!!! No matter how perfect a person is, there are still moment that the dark side will take over the control. it's hard to fight back and there isn't a deadline for this war. We need to face our dark side n live with it under the same roof until death do us apart. Its sad and torture but too bad that its the truth.